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Synthesarc Technology

SYNTHESARC family of cored wires is tailored to form hard boride (mainly iron boride, Fe2B) based coatings for metal surfaces exposed to high levels of erosion and abrasion.

SYNTHESARC coatings compare favourably both as to performance and cost to the carbide based coatings in common industrial use today.

Fe2B is a ceramic material with:

  • high chemical stability
  • high hardness
  • high temperature tolerance
  • high corrosion resistance

SYNTHESARC offers a range of cored wires that may be deposited by arc spraying or by welding. In general, thin coatings (1mm thick) applied by arc spraying are used for large or thin-wall surfaces or for materials that that are temperature sensitive. Thicker coatings deposited by welding processes are suitable to protect thick substrates. In both cases, the elements within the cored wire combine to form wear resistant composite coatings by in situ reactive synthesis and microalloying. The arc-sprayed coatings contain at least 70% Fe2B in a hardened steel-based cementing material. The weld overlays may contain less Fe2B depending upon the degree of dilution.

     Since its formation, SYNTHESARC has conducted research and development both with respect to its cored wire products and as regards the processes by which they are applied. Special solutions have been found for use in particular applications. This continues to be the case, so that the products fully described below, and their manner of application, can be modified to suit particular needs.

Compared with other arc-sprayed coatings commercialized today ALPHA 1800 arc-sprayed coatings and ALPHA PLUS-3 arc-sprayed coatings possess higher erosion and abrasion resistances. ALPHA Plus-3 arc-sprayed coatings also have a superior slurry erosion resistance. 

Compared with other overlays commercialized today ALPHA 1800 overlays, ALPHA PLUS-3 overlays, SYNTHEZITE-A overlays and SYNTHEZITE-C overlays possess superior abrasion, erosion and slurry erosion resistances. SYNTHEZITE-A overlays and SYNTHEZITE-C overlays present oustanding slurry erosion resistance.